Career Counselling

Career Counselling.

Know Your Best Career Counselling Options.

“What am I really going to do? Are my subjects appropriate?If I don’t make it, then do I have any other options?” A train of such questions pops in a student’s mind when it comes to choosing an attainable career goal.

That is the point where KanGoKiwi Education Services comes to rescue you! KanGoKiwi Education Services assists students to choose career paths that are best suited to their capabilities.

We help you understand the best career opportunities that are available to you so that you can take a well informed decision regarding a crucial aspect of your future life and study abroad options.

Critical self-analysis and insightful research on the best possible options available are quintessential for arriving at the correct career option for an individual and because each person is different,KanGoKiwi’s personalized approach and process provides a unique path for each student for overseas education KanGoKiwi Education Services believes in playing a pivotal role in helping students pursue only what they are truly passionate about. We strive and assure to provide best career counselling services because to excellence what we aim at.

We take assessment when student join and then a mock test after 15 days and then if he has got a satisfactory result then we encourage him/her to book the test.
We help them book the test and continuously take mock test so that students can keep up with the IELTS format and time limitations in the real test.

Come and Feel the difference.

We have trainer from England. He has more than 6 years of teaching experience to train Indian students. He is a learned faculty and very focused about solving students query.

Timings are very flexible:

Starting at 7:30 am till 9:00 pm.

We teach and practice from Cambridge Material provided by British Council.

All the study material is included the course fee, so student does not have to pay anything extra for the study material.

So,come and fell the difference and experience the best coaching in laxmi nagar Delhi Free IELTS.

KanGoKiwi Education Services Private Limited.

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