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Students Can enroll under the FREE IELTS SCHEME. In this scheme,if a student has enrolled/taken admission in a university represented by Kangokiwi (IE around 450 universities and colleges world wide) and applies for visa with that university offer,then he/she is entitled for a refund.
The refund is applicable whether visa has been Granted or not.
This Scheme is to promote English Language PROFICIENCY between the student.
This is the best IELTS Coaching scheme available in East Delhi (Laxmi Nagar)

We take assessment when student join and then a mock test after 15 days and then if he has got a satisfactory result then we encourage him/her to book the test.
We help them book the test and continuously take mock test so that students can keep up with the IELTS format and time limitations in the real test.

Come and Feel the difference.

We have trainer from England. He has more than 6 years of teaching experience to train Indian students. He is a learned faculty and very focused about solving students query.

Timings are very flexible:

Starting at 7:30 am till 9:00 pm.

We teach and practice from Cambridge Material provided by British Council.

All the study material is included the course fee, so student does not have to pay anything extra for the study material.

So,come and fell the difference and experience the best coaching in laxmi Nagar Delhi Free IELTS.

KanGoKiwi Education Services Private Limited.

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